Data Services

Your data will have been created in some form of a spreadsheet. 
All you have to do is email it to us and we will format it ready to print onto letterheads or outer envelopes.
Should the need arise we can do whatever is necessary to make your data look good. Separate name fields into "title" "initial" "surname", case conversion, remove unwanted characters and much more.
Data Cleansing
It's a sad fact that every day on average 1,600 people die, 240 businesses move premises and 18,000 people move house.
All of these changes cause consumer and business data to rapidly decay. The integrity of the consumer and business data used within customer communications and marketing campaigns has a direct impact on the response rates, campaign costs and a consumer’s perception of the organisation.
Data cleansing enables organisations to address these issues by:
  • Reducing costs associated with contacting individuals who cannot or will not respond.
  • Improving the effectiveness of communications to consumers
  • Improving response rates and return on marketing investment
  • Reducing the risk of causing consumer annoyance and damaging brand reputation
  • Ensuring that data and marketing communications are compliant  with the numerous data regulatory requirements

We are PZ3077039 registered Data Controllers under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Other Services

  • Fulfilment Services
  • Machine Enclosing
  • Hand Enclosing
  • Print Finishing
  • Ink jet Printing
  • Laser Printing
  • Polywrapping
  • Tabbing
  • Data Services
  • UK Postal Services
  • International Services
  • Envelopes

Plus: -

  • Data reformatting
  • PAF address verification
  • Matching & deduplication
  • Gone Away suppression
  • Supply of new addresses for moved individuals
  • Deceased suppression
  • Casing & Salutation

Budgets are a big thing with us, we will always try to accommodate and reduce costs to meet your budget if we can. Simply call us today on 020 8597 3218.